Information Management & Movement (IMUM) Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Roblick
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  • We are acquainted with many different business models and strategies on a worldwide basis and can compare recent changes and the “state of the art” of existing or planned technologies, procedures and services as well as their “relative” maturity.
  • As explained, decades of operational experience in different management functions and at different levels in global companies allow me to systematically target the selection and use of this knowledge. The aim of this initiative is to allow my customers to exploit this know-how and extensive knowledge to gain a lead in their business, value add or exit value.

Key competences are:
  • Snapshots, First and Second Opinions
  • Document and / or visit based business reviews & verification
  • Business and technical case review (including visit)
  • Investment case reviews and support
  • Red-flagging of opportunities and risks
  • Support/preparation for VC presentations
  • Support of technical and commercial DD  - due diligence process
  • Support financing and re-financing issues
  • Trend-spotting/Scouting, Scoping and Coaching, Market assessments
  • Supporting/Complementing Teams at Directors/Board-Level
  • Interim and Change Management
  • Enhancing Company Portfolio Value & Return

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