Information Management & Movement (IMUM) Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Roblick
  • More than a decade ago converging environment was foreseen and described
  • Looking back these are fascinating articles close to prophecy of globalisation effects – named differently at that time – and the fallback of parts of the employees to be day-labourer
  • This included a vision of so called “Ich-AG's” a decade ago differently addressed as Comuters (Computer and Commuters)
  • Payed work was anticipated for Tele- / Homeworker / People on the move as long as your network-administrator kept you on the network. Unemployment is just a keystroke away!
  • During the decades several initiatives in the de-regulation area have been supported
  • Competition and telecoms where described as ultimate factors of the end-game competing globally for choice of location and sophisticated people


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